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Book Overview

After endless hard work and dedication, Abigail has finally established herself as a top producer within a male-dominated industry, but a family crisis threatens it all.

Abigail’s father has taken on the growing needs of her dementia-stricken mother for the past two years. Now he is seriously ill and needs Abigail more than ever. As she is propelled smack-dab into the middle of the sandwich generation, Abigail must somehow strike a balance between the demands of her profession and the demands of her family, especially when she realizes someone she once trusted is meddling in her parent’s financial affairs.

As the evolution of her character takes form, Abigail is faced with a pivotal choice: to honor her father’s sincere wish or continue on her path to launch the career of her dreams. Will she listen to her heart or her head as she attempts to discover where she truly belongs?

In this poignant novella, a professional woman on her way to shattering the glass ceiling must face a critical decision after her elderly father falls ill, leaving her mothers care uncertain.